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The application characteristics of imported bearings are analyzed
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      The use characteristics of imported bearings: First, they are designed and manufactured on the basis of the combination system, there are a lot of motor combinations and installation forms, and the transmission ratio is very fine at each level, which can meet different use situations。Second, they use the modular design principle of the unit structure, which greatly reduces the type and inventory of parts。Third, their transmission efficiency is very high, the precision is very accurate, the energy consumption is low, the energy can be saved, the performance is not easy to fail, and the work efficiency is improved。Fourth, it has a high-rigidity reinforced iron injection box, and the gear is also made of good alloy steel。The surface is treated by carburizing quenching hardening, grinding teeth through fine processing。Therefore, the transmission is reliable and stable, the carrying capacity is large, it is the use of computer training technology, the gear training, greatly improve the bearing capacity of the reducer, more impact resistance, low temperature rise, less failure, extend the service life。
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